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Whatever your organization's specific marketing and sales goals may be, podcasting is an economical and effective engagement strategy that has the ability to help you connect with your target audience, position yourself as an authority in the industry, expand your network, bring in new customers, and even attract new talent. 


Pathways Productions can help you unlock that ability and drive more engagement with your organization. We offer two services to achieve that goal.

Podcast Ideation and Content Planning
Full-Service Podcast Consultation
Why is Podcasting Right for Your Company?
Podcasts have grown rapidly in recent years and are a vital component of any organization's marketing strategy. Below are additional reasons why your organization should consider podcasting.
Reach a Large and Valuable Audience
More than 40% of Americans younger than 54 listen to podcasts every month, and 41% of podcast listeners earn more than $75,000 per year. The number of podcast listeners has grown dramatically in recent years and will only continue to increase. Regardless of your industry, goals, or the specific products and services, podcasts will help you engage more audiences in a growing market.
Listeners Are Highly Engaged
93% of podcast audiences listen to all or most of each podcast episode, and 54% of listeners are likely to purchase products or services discussed in a podcast. Podcasting will allow you to tap into a segment of customers who are more likely to be engaged by your content and are more willing to purchase your product or service.
Establish Authority and Expand Your Network
Podcasting is a phenomenal platform for your organization to demonstrate it's knowledge and mindset. This is an effective way to show your audience that you are a trustworthy expert. Additionally, through interviews or guest appearances, podcasting provides significant opportunities to connect with other leaders and innovators who can appeal to your audience or otherwise aid your organization.
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